Winter Storm Tips

During a Winter Storm

  • Don't attempt to go out and get something.
  • Make sure heat source is safe. Many fires start via unsafe heating.
  • Keep items three feet away from heaters.
  • Use floor mats for extra insulation.
  • Move around to keep your blood circulating.
  • If you are with someone, share body heat.
  • If you are stranded in your car, do NOT attempt to get out and go find help unless its within 100 yards.
  • Run the car 10 minutes each hour to keep warm, but make sure the tailpipe is not blocked or you may suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Winter Storm Terms

  • Winter Storm Advisory: Cold, ice and heavy snow are expected.
  • Winter Storm Watch: Heavy snow and ice are very possible over the next couple of days, so finalize preparations and listen to a weather radio or forecasts.
  • Winter Storm Warning: Severe winter weather is in the area. Heavy snow and/or ice will begin soon.
  • Blizzard: Strong winds over 35 mph along with snow that reduces visibility.
  • Sleet: Rain that falls and turns into ice before it hits the ground.
  • Freezing Rain: Rain that falls and turns to ice once it hits a surface.